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The Kuenzle family is the very definition of an American success story. We are Family Owned and Operated that spans three generations and continues to grow. In the 1930s, Florian Kuenzle worked as a welder building Navy ships in New Jersey and did simple glass repairs to help provide for his family. By the 1940s, Florian had perfected his craft and opened his first glass shop called Florian Glass in Union City, New Jersey. Business grew quickly and Florian requested the help from his oldest son Robert, who worked to perfect his father’s craft both before and after he went to serve in the United States Army in Korea. Between the 1950s and 1960s, Florian Glass grew immensely and the father and son team decided to invest in their company’s growth, so they sold the business and established Fairview Glass in Fairview, New Jersey, there Robert and his father spent some of the best remaining years together. Florian passed away in the 1970s, leaving his passion for glass with his son Robert, who expanded again and launched Superior Glass in Harrison, New Jersey. By the late 1980s, Robert was ready for warmer weather, and in the 1990s he moved his family and part of his father’s legacy to Florida, where Curved Glass Creations and All Glass and Mirror would later thrive.