Product Description

45º Inside Plane (Mounts to Wall Running at a 45º Inside Plane)
Precise Closing Feature to Zero Degrees
Available in Several Beautiful Finishes
Three Year Warranty

The Petite Series provides a complete spectrum of Hinges for frameless shower doors using 1/4″ (6 mm) to 5/16″ (8 mm) tempered safety glass. Developed to allow virtually every application configuration, they deliver design freedom. The Petite Series includes three unique types: The PET044 Wall Mount Flush Back Plate Hinge allows for a clean exterior sight line by having all mounting screws inside the shower; the PET181 Glass-to-Glass Hinge is used to mount a door to a fixed panel in a 180º plane, and allows the door to swing in a complete 180º arc outwards; the PET182 Glass-to-Glass Hinge allows the door to swing in a complete 180º arc inwards. Petite Hinges have mitered edges with curved corners to provide an aesthetically pleasing look. Petite Hinges have 25% thicker plates than competitive Hinges, thereby reducing deflection and providing greater holding power.